Exhausts & Silencers

In this category there are a variety of mufflers , various baffles and related accessories for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles or other brands , chopper , bobber and custom bikes.

Exhausts & Silencers There are no products in this category.


  • Adapter & seal

    Adapter, seals, gaskets and mounting material for our exhausts.

  • Baffles (dB-eater)

    Pipe Baffles or dB-Eater (dB-Absorber) to use for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles or others with Pipes of 1-¾ Inch, ½ Inch, 2 Inch, 2-¼ Inch, 2½ Inch or other diameter.

  • Heat Shields

    In order to shield clothing and body before the heat of the exhaust manifold , there are heat shields which are fixed with clamps on the manifold . While the plates are also warm, but shoes do not stick or skin directly , as is often the case with the hot manifold .

  • Muffler

    In this category are mufflers , muffler , silencer for connection to Harley-Davidson® manifold or other suitable diameter . The mufflers have a classic design like Straight Cut , or Fishtail Trumpet have not street legal , but are noisy with striking muffled sound . The volume can be lowered with DB - killers .