Electric and Ignition

Accessories for ignition and electrics at Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles and custom bikes.

Electric and Ignition There are no products in this category.


  • Ignition Switches

    In this category we offer ignition switches for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles or custom bikes . The ignition locks can be installed in Dash kits or find space under the gas tank or elsewhere. We have Fat Bob Ignition but also FX , XL and others in the program.

  • Ignition & Cover

    In this category , we offer accessories for the field of ignition without the Switches. We offer cover , ignition coils and other for motorcycles such as Harley -Davidson Bobber , Chopper and Custom Bikes.

  • Electric & Cover

    In this category , we offer accessories for the electrical system in motorcycles , the focus is on Harley-Davidson® motorcycles . Battery covers and alternator cover , cable clamps and similar accessories we offer.

  • Horns

    In this category we have 12 volt horns for motorcycles . The horns are to be used universally , differ mainly in shape and size . The volume is about 100dB . The horn is used to warn other road users of a danger . In addition, they may only be used if one feels threatened by another road user or to the highway to announce overtaking .