Footpegs and Floorboards

In this category footrests , passenger footrests , shift pedals and footboards are available . The footrests have standard mount for Harley-Davidson® the shift pedals corresponding thread. The floor boards are suitable to the specified models or universal.

Footpegs and Floorboards There are no products in this category.


  • Floorboards

    In this category we offer round or angular floor boards for 4-speed or 5-speed Harleys® or custom bikes. The black chrome or polished chrome boards are rigidly or in a rubber-supported version.

  • Footpeg Mounts

    Footpegs Mounts for Driver and Passenger Footpegs. Ready for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles or Custombikes.

  • Footpegs & Shift Pegs

    In this category we offer footpegs and shiftpegs for use at Harley-Davidson® typical mount pin and shift peg with thread. Furthermore, there are kick pedals and brake pedals.