Grips, Levers and Handlebars

In the category Gas grips , hand lever and handlebar we offer 1 " grips made ??of metal and plastic for Harley-Davidson® handlebar. In addition, we offer accessories for around the handlebar like risers and beautiful watches .

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  • Handlebar & Riser

    In this category we offer handlebars , handlebar bracket and handlebar clamps for Harley-Davidson® typical 1 inch diameter ( 25.4 mm ) handlebars.

  • Handlevers

    Category with hand levers , brake levers so or clutch levers for Harley -Davidson Big Twin ® and Sportster built before and 72 , 82-95 , from 96 , from 2007 onwards.

  • Switch Housings

    Switchhousing and Wiring Harness for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles from 1973 to 2011.

  • Grips

    Grips in many different versions for drivers with 1 inch or 22 mm in diameter. Usually 25.4 mm = 1 inch are common for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. English , Japanese and others have mostly 22 mm handlebar diameter. The handles are colorful metal or plastic and chrome , etc. available. To secure the gas handle a throttle rotary sleeve is necessary which in turn is attached to a throttle grip clamp. The inner diameter of the throttle side is therefore always slightly larger than the diameter of the bar.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item