Shipping Costs

Less than 40,00 Euro sum of bought items inside of Germany (except islands) with DHL or DPD it costs 5,90 Euro. Boughts about 40,00 Euro sum will be shipped for free.

It is possible to pay with PayPal or bank transfer in advance.

All prizes including German VAT exept Suisse and Norway or other countries like USA.

Shipping international:
International shipping is always insured.
The shipping cost for international shipping will be charged for each order regardless of the value of goods.

Austria, Belgium , Netherlands , Luxembourg, Denmark , Czech Repuplik
12.95 €

France, Great Britain , Italy , Slovenia
14.90 €

Estonia, Latvia , Romania, Hungary , Bulgaria, Lithuania , Greece , Poland , Portugal , Spain , Finland, Ireland , Sweden , Slovakia
19.95 €

Switzerland and Norway , USA and Canada
37.95 €

Shipping fees are inclusive of VAT.